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If you're seeking to rediscover your passion, uncover deeper purpose in your career endeavors, and be financially compensated for creatively overcoming challenges in a manner that deeply resonates with you, you are in the right place!

What makes us different?


Traditional evaluations fail to delve into the core motivations driving your actions. Our program, however, leverages insights to unlock the key drivers behind what ignites your passion and fuels your career aspirations.


You will get a clear understanding of what career direction will be of interest.  We will educate you on optimizing your resume,  building your network, job search optimization, and design a personalized plan to keep you on track.


My intuitive approach blended with career development offers a distinctive fusion of introspection, strategic planning and enthusiastics support that will guide you towards impactful results.

The Process

Your Discovery

During this phase, you will discover your true strengths and what is holding you back. This discovery will assist you with refining your career aspirations.


The excting part. You will get to research career opportunities that align from your discovery phase. 

Personalized Plan

We will create a personalized plan with the following steps and educate you on job search strategies, resume optimization, networking, and interview preparation.

When finished you will:

Identify barriers and know how to move forward

Discern what works well and what doesn't in your current position

Idenitfy your skills and gifts that will get you hired

Be an expert on optimising you resume and screening job posts that align with your values

Gain confidence to have successful interviews and in your abilities to advance in your career

Have an action plan that will keep you on track and a clear path towards a fulfilling career 

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