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Do you issue refunds?


Our prices are based on skill, time, customization, and complexity depending on the service provided. All transactions are final and cannot be split. No refunds will be established once the client signs and accepts the terms of service and services has been started.  

We offer a 10% discount to military personnel with ID and occasional discounts.  To be the first to hear about our special promotions, follow us on social media.

Do you offer any discounts?



Our turnaround time is 3-5 business days ( from when we meet with you and review your intake form,  Monday-Friday. If you purchase a package on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday does not include the turnaround time.


I need it fast, is this possible?


Of course, we offer a two day turnaround option. This can be requested during your coaching call.

Do I really need a cover letter?


Yes. Even though the job market is becoming more modernized and cover letters are becoming less popular, some job applications still have the option to upload one.  If this is the case, why not take the extra step and stand out more? 


Can I request changes on my new resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile?


Of course, final versions will be sent to you, and an appointment will be made to review the final drafts. During this session, we will discuss what changes were made, and you will have an opportunity to provide feedback and any requested revisions.


We provide up to three free rounds of revisions for resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn content and will give you up to 14 days to review the draft (s) and email additional revisions to . If you fail to request revisions within 14 days, it will be considered acceptance and finalization of your draft (s).


How does career coaching benefit me?

Career coaching can help you recognize your own value and assess your skills and knowledge to determine the best career path for yourself.  O
ur career coaching sessions focus on setting career-related goals, creating a personalized plan that will keep you accountable for completing them and enhancing your skills. We also offer coaching for improving job satisfaction, managing career transitions, and gaining confidence. 


What can I expect during a career coach session?

You can expect a confidential and comfortable environment to discuss your career challenges and goals.  We will listen, ask questions, and create a personalized plan to achieve your career goals. 


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