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Within you lies the limitless potential to succeed

Launching a new business or realigning an existing one can be daunting when one feels disconnected from their core motivations, leading to uncertainty about the next steps. Finding the answer involves rediscovering your joy and recognizing its potential to make a difference, all while tackling a problem head-on. This removes obstacles and rekindles your business's purpose

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What I Do


You are unhappy with your current job, the environment is toxic,  or you have been waiting for that promotion.


You feel lost or stuck and unsure which direction to take, or you have an industry in mind but feel you would not be good enough to work there.


You have tweaked and updated your resume endless times, and still no calls or receiving those pesky auto-rejection emails.


You are staring at your computer screen like "where do I start to write this resume" or procrastining because it seems like a lot of work.


You are ready to step into a new role in your career and unsure how to get there.

Let us do the magic


and you will be able to :


Gain clarity, confidence, and purpose to fulfill your career goals because we are not just a transaction; we are all about empowering and educating our clients.


Elevate your salary, because we don't believe in settling for less!


Nail interviews to the point, hiring managers will be wanting to hire you on the spot


Bypass the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and land at the top of the "yes" pile with our optimized and modernized resume and cover letters.


Receive premium job postings that are screened so that you don't get burned at the end

Hey! I'm Andrea

I’m a certified career coach and your personal development bff.  I’m here to guide you to a career that you have always wanted and with a little tough love I empower you at the same time because let’s be honest, we are often not sure what direction to go, or we just simply work in a place that we can settle in to get paid.


Well, no more! there is no such thing as settling for less. 

My purpose is to help individuals feel truly fulfilled in their careers and mentor individuals in bringing that inner boss energy out (we all have it!).  My passion is to provide career advancenment strategies that will land you the job of your dreams as well as empowering you to be the best version of yourself.


Want to know more?



Tiffany C.

It's only been a month and I have already gained so much from working with Andrea. She goes beyond to make sure that you get to where you want to be in your career. Her passion and sincerity empowered me to achieve my dream role. Thank you Andrea! 

Our Clients Love Us

Regina D.

Before consulting with Andrea I was at a lose on how to properly structure my resume.  I used Microsoft Word but was still uncertain on how to use it.  If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have gotten my new job.  Due to the professionalism, candor, punctuality, and attention to detail I was able to submit an outstanding resume. Your services was a huge help to my employment process and I am truly grateful for the work you did to fix my resume.

Michelle B.

Words can't describe how grateful I am for you, when we first met I was at rock bottom and thought nobody would give me a chance, thanks to you I have gained confidence and landed in a career that I have always wanted. 

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