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Meet Andrea

About Us: Welcome

My Story

I ended up getting the job, and after two weeks of working there, she told me she was moving to another state and that the dentist was selling the practice. I had a week to learn everything. At 19, I had no choice but to learn everything independently, manage the office, and adapt to the new dentist who took over.  

Instead of taking this experience as negative, I took everything I learned and told myself, " I am meant for this." I went from working as a receptionist to becoming an office manager, a regional manager for a corporate dental practice, and an executive assistant in the government sector.  From there, I realized how much I enjoyed being a leader and implementing processes.  Some bumps were down the road, but that did not stop me.  When I saw how much progress these practices were making and how I was giving opportunities to entry-level candidates and making them the best leaders, all that doubt was out the door. 

Then it hit me


Due to my passion for process and operational improvement and helping individuals level up in their careers, I decided to become a Certified Career Coach and a Business Coach.  My fascination with leadership made me join the military and help soldiers with their resumes and career transitions.  I further educated myself by receiving my Bachelor's in General Business Administration and becoming a member of the American Society of Administrative Professionals.  


With over  14+ years in the administrative field, recruiting and training candidates and making a difference in people's lives, I decided to start my own business.   

My Mission

To inspire and empower individuals to live authentically, pursue their dreams, and create lives filled with purpose and fulfillment in their careers and business. Through my work, I strive to foster a culture of growth, resilience, and compassion, where everyone feels seen, heard, and value.


It all started in 2007 when I worked in a cardiologist's office, filing folders and working as a receptionist.  One of the patients was impressed with my customer service skills and offered me a position at a dental practice. I explained that I had no dental experience, but she insisted I send her my resume, so I did. 

Ready to take action?



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